Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Direct Sales | How To Plant Seeds Part 2 | Tip Talk With Wicklessmolly

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Magnets are great to use in place of a business card

June 12, 2013 Tip Talk of the Day

Direct sales consultants will be the talk of the of many customers when we share important aspects of our business that is considered valued information by our customers.  We share this information at Parties, Events and Fundraisers (Part 1)  for which I shared yesterday.  Today we will go over how to plant seeds with one on one customer contacts, on the phone taking customer orders and packing customer's orders.

Part 2
Share company specials and promotions
◦Ask if they would like to turn their order into a party by getting just a few of their friends to order
◦Share a story about a Scentsy thing you just did
◦Lifetime Warranty
◦Ask if they would like to get your Newsletter if your company has one
◦Ask if they have Facebook or Twitter and if they want to join your fan pages.
◦Keep alert to opportunities about hosting parties and recruiting.
◦If the topic comes up about becoming a consultant ask if they would like to come to a team meeting.
◦Smile:  Customers can hear a smile on the phone and love to see it in a one on one.

Part 2
Business card or Magnet in every order.  I prefer magnets because people do not throw them away.
◦Label all marketing materials. 
◦Host Brochures and Join Brochures tucked inside the catalog
◦Thank You card and small gift if you give one
◦Catalog with Friendship special if you have one
◦New Flyers that have come out for upcoming specials
◦Put a Fundraiser sticker on catalog if you do fundraisers
◦Sometimes companies have a “How To Use” flyer for a specific product, use that is you can.
◦If you use a rewards system, put that in with the Thank you.
◦You can tie a ribbon on the back to make it look nice and this does help with standing out.
◦Personalize your Thank You cards and always add a label to it. 
◦You may want to personalize your decorating ribbon especially on the hostess order.  You can personalize it with the words “Thank You’
◦   If you give anything away for free, put that on the order slip!  Ex.  I give away free light bulbs to my customers for their Scentsy warmers.
Direct Sales How To Plant Seeds Part 2 Phone Person

June 12, 2013 Tip Talk Quote of the Day

Give your clients the earliest delivery consistent with quality - whatever the inconvenience to us.

June 12, 2013 Wicklessmolly is grateful for...magnets.